Joseph Robinette Biden, President Of The United States


Joseph R. Biden is the 46th President of the United States. A member of the Democratic Party, he served as the 47th vice president from 2009 to 2017 under President Barack Obama and represented Delaware in the U.S. Senate 1973 to2009. Born: November 20, 1942 (78) Scranton Pennsylvania. Spouse: Jill Biden. Education: College of Syracuse 1968, University of Delaware 1965. Children: Hunter, Beau, Ashley, Naomi, Christina. Grandchildren: Natalie, Finnegan, Maisy, Robert. TMI: Owns 1967 Corvette, Co-Sponsored The 1994 $1.6 Billion Violence Act Against Women, And Supported LBGTQ Rights...  DONATE TODAY!

Kamala Devi Harris, Vice President Of The United States


 Born: October 20, 1964 * Oakland Medical Center Sunny California / 49th Vice President
Nationality: American * Spouse: Doug Emhoff (Married.2014) Attorney USC Gould Law
Parents: Donald & Shyamala Gopalan Harris * Political Party: Democratic * Education: Howard University (BA) University of California, Hastings (JD) * 49th Vice President *        2 Step Children * New Home #1 Observatory Circle * Occupation: Lawyer / Author * Family: Stepchildren: Cole & Ella Emhoff * Political Career: U.S. Senator representing California in 2016, Serving Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs, The Select Committee On Intelligence, And The Judiciary & Budget Committees  DONATE TODAY!

Nancy Patricia Pelosi, U.S. Speaker Of The House...


Nancy P. Pelosi is the current Speaker of The United States House of Representatives since 2007. Born: March 26 1940 (80) Baltimore MD, Spouse: Paul Pelosi. Education: Trinity Washington University 1958-1962 Institute of Notre Dame 1958 Children: Alexandria, Paul Jr, Christine, Nancy Corinne, & Jacqueline. Party: Democratic. Political Career: Representative CA 8th District 1993-2013, Representative CA 5th District 1987-1993   DONATE TODAY!


Rod Mack, President, CEO, Founder RodMackMedia

Born: Grady  Hospital / Atlanta  Georgia  Greens  Ferry  Northside  Drive / Mom Betty Jean Mack
Height: 6'1 Education: Morehouse College, J.D. Auckland Law * Former 2021 U.S. Senate Candidate * Facebook MACK/GOV/2022  *  Graduated Fulton High School * Tailor 1971 * Munford/Retail Mgr 

Current: 6+ Year Hapeville Board Of Appeals Member, Minister, First Sermon ("Jesus Was A Troublemaker) On YouTube, *The Atlanta Regional Commission Certification For Small Cities, The President's ONMA Award, Notary Certification Appointment * Political Party: Independent * Winner Georgia DHR Contractor Transporting Medical Specimens Saving Thousands Of Lives (Before Covid-19) * Political Career: Elected U.S. Fayette State Committee Member, Elected U.S. Post Seat Holder Fulton County * Former U.S. Georgia Candidate For Governor * Former U.S. Candidate for Mayor The City of Hapeville & The City of Atlanta * 30yr + Music Ministry / Member Ebenezer Church Home Of MLK * Media: Macon WGXA / YouTube "Beyond The Podium"  Activist For: Minorities, LGBTQ, Seniors, Disadvantaged, Children, U.S Court Justice, Healthcare, Removing  Elected Insurrectionists From Public Office, Increasing Covid-19 research to $100M, Property/Rental Rights/Animal Rights / Voter Suppression / Music
My Hero, My Ebenezer Sunday School Classmate & Friend U.S. Congressman John Lewis>>> 
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Antonio Abilio, Vice President RodMackMedia

Aaron Rubenstein, Vice President Daily Operations

By Chuck Slaughter

Born: Beautiful Portugal, Baixa de Lisboa September 15th 10:00 am
Height: 5'9  Education: Masters Degree Lisbon University Marketing
Experience: Banco Commercial Portuguese 695 Branches 5 Million Subscribers. Current: Rod Mack Media. Goal/Vision Rod Mack Media is the proven leader breaking news, advertising, entertainment, and print media.    As Vice President we have set the bar even higher as media leaders. As second in command and my extensive media background I will help lead RMM into targeting Fortune 500 advertisers and 5M new paying subscribers worldwide.
Married: Spouse: Consuela * Children: Gretchen, Todd & Dog Maxx
Hobbies: Soccer, Gardening, Golf, Oil Painting, & The Stock Market