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My Life Growing Up In Atlanta Georgia
By Rod Mack

There are historical moments that I lived through growing up in Atlanta and never forgot as a child. Your family comes first even if they are wrong forgive before its to late. Always mind your own business and pay attention to the business around you. Smell the fresh air because one day you wont. Know what part of Georgia that will welcome you. Some places did not welcome me in 1960. Going to Ebenezer Baptist Church was non-negotiable and was not open for discussion by my Grandmother Doris. Moving forward to my 10 year old birthday I found myself holding my Grandmother Doris hand and witnessing the funeral of the man that baptised me and I called uncle Martin. While I mourned with Coretta King and thousands of Atlantans and celebrities' who paid their last respects like Thurgood Marshall, Nelson Rockefeller, Jacqueline Kennedy, Bill Cosby, Dick Gregory, Paul Newman, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin,  Wilt Chamberlain, Robert Kennedy, Marlon Brando, President Richard Nixon, Harry Belafonte, Bill Campbell, Benjamin E. Mays Charles Diggs, Diane Carroll among the many stars. And one Governor who refused to lower the Georgia Flag for MLK. That day the Civil Rights Icon was deep in my heart and I felt connected to his soul. That day at 10 years old my soul was united to Fairness, Justice, & Equality. So when you vote remember the little black child who grew up 500 feet from Georgia's Capitol in 1960's Mechanicsville and walked across a dirt road now called I-20 to get my school clothes at Kesslers Department Store. Now I will share my historic memories, Images and videos that I lived through... Remember behind every great and powerful man... There is a great and powerful vision...Our sins are great! God's love for you is Greater.. Micah 7:19

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