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Our Story Truthfully Illustrated By: Rod Mack, Publisher

Our Story Continues And Told Truthfully

I am Rod Mack, Publisher, Activist, Father, Minister, & Politician. I bring to you this visually captivating and inspiring video that provides an in-depth presentation of African American history and our issues, and how they correlated to U.S. history. The men, women, authors, and editors who speak here are the best in the business. Let's begin with some  pasts that you may research for your family. 1. BILOXI WADE-INS 1959-1963. 2. DETROIT WALK TO FREEDOM 1963. 3. WILLIAM REYNOLDS V. KANSAS BOE 1903. 4. BLOODS & CRIPS WATTS TRUCE 1992. 5. RIOTS OF ATLANTA 1906. MLK SPEECH AUGUST 28, 1963. Let this video be a beacon of light and hope to millions for Justice, Equality & Fairness... DONATE TODAY!


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