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Hello Georgians, This is my story, These were my two HEROS That I knew personally. I am Rod Mack Native Atlantan, Minister, Appeals Board Member, And Political Activist. I have decided to continue my commitment to fighting for Justice, Deadly Covid-19 Funding, And Medicaid Expansion. As a Independent I am passionate about equality and taking politics out of what's right for human lives...

My first winning 2006 campaign was 10,000.00 votes or 99% for Fayette County Georgia Commissioner. Sadly Fayette County has used a 191 year old rule called "At Large Voting" which was designed to guaranteed for my demise. Recently Federal Judge Timothy Batten changed at large voting in Fayette County making it fair to future candidates. My campaign was very successful in the media thanks to Tammy Joyner of The Atlanta Journal & Constitution...

At this time my 10 year old son, 5 volunteers, and myself kept moving on in spite of the hefy qualifying fee. The team that I have chosen today believe that in order to compete with other candidates for President in 2024 we need our website and message in every state in America Especially those who are not computer savvy... All DONATIONS will be donated to the Legal Defense Fund and Homeless Society... When elected some of my other core aims will be 1. A Stronger police force in states with high crime numbers  2. Safer streets and fining chronic speeders who kill and speed to kill themselves  3. Wise and responsible spending of taxpayers money  4. State-to-State Interaction 5. Eminent Domain Reform 6. Rent moratoriums 7. Full extent of the law for law enforcement & vigilantes who murder minorities and immigrants with little justification insight...

We need 100 Million Votes To Win Can I Count On You?... Make Me President And I Will Make You Proud
Therefore I have pledged total transparency to gifts received and what the gifts will be used for (as indicated herein) There is no pressure to donate gifts beyond your budget, My team will be managing our Three ways to donate your gifts... 1. Donate Here Today!  2. ZELLE/4048245636  3. Mail: 1561 Virginia Ave Suite #102-B Atlanta Georgia 30337
Thank You All Let's Make History... For Yard/Window Signs, Speaking To Your Group, Or To Volunteer Call Us For Details..
Rod Mack
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