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Rod Mack Media is a subsidiary of Georgia owned  Ubiquity Global Group LLC. news corporation that gathers worldwide news reports for our online advertisers/subscribers  hourly, daily, and weekly.  Although there are many news agencies worldwide. We have one philosophy to operate on a basic principle to pack our online subscribers email boxes who are liberal, independent, and conservative with (RMM) exclusive up to date headline news, government, medical, financial, entertainment, & sports. Other news agencies generally prepare hard news stories and feature articles that can be used by other news organizations with little or no modification, and then sell to other news organization (We don't do that) We provide articles directly to our online subscribers first!.... Everybody else last!

Our Talented News Staff...


Elliot Parker


Amy Hearst, Writer

Vice President, Operations

Matt Keller



Chief Financial Officer

Dayna Hendricks


Todd Murdoch, Writer

Ilona Dembowski Chief German Writer

News Reporter

Marissa DeLova, On-Site Anchor


Dereke Mack, Writer

Press Coverage

David McCoy, On-Site Anchor

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